534 Meadow Rd Lehigh Acres, FL 33973 239-369-7622 Sustained Motion Car Collection TM

Sustained Motion Car Collection, LLC is family owned and primarily focused on collecting classic and other vehicles for long term appreciation and enjoyment. Please review the "ABOUT US" section of this website to learn more about our company and cars.

Currently, we are primarily interested in selling the vehicles shown above in the "Spotlight" section of our website. We may sell some other cars in our collection for the right price, but we are not actively marketing those cars for sale. Contact us at jack@sustainedmotion.com if you are interested in any of the Spotlight cars or any other car in our collection. You can also reach us at (239) 369-7622. If we do not answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We show our cars "By Appointment Only" so please call ahead if you want to see a car. Please understand that some of our cars are not for sale at any price.

We are required by law to have a Florida used car dealer license because we may sell more than two cars per year, but as mentioned above our primary focus is collecting cars. Far more likely than not, this means that we have owned any car we sell for a substantial length of time and have carefully improved it to our standards. We try to accurately describe our cars, but we do not warrant those descriptions and all cars are sold without warranty. We encourage anyone who buys a vehicle from us to inspect the car personally and/or at least obtain a professional inspection. We have never had an unhappy customer and want to maintain that record.

We will (very) occasionally sell a vehicle "on consignment" for a family member or friend of the family. We will tell any customer who buys a consigned car that the car is being sold as a consigned car and thus has never been a part of our collection. We are not in the business of selling consigned cars.

We hope you enjoy viewing our car collection.